Once the fog had lifted after the birth of my baby, I was able to look back on his birth with a blissful nostalgia. However, when trying to recall all of the details I found my memory foggy, and unfortunately my husband had been too busy holding my hand and rubbing my back to even think to open the camera bag. We had toyed with the idea of employing a birth photographer but time got away from us and in the end, we had left it too late. Thankfully, our quick thinking midwife took my phone and captured two quick snaps in the moments after Leo was born. I now prize these photographs more so than even our wedding album, and only wish that we had more to look back on.

Birth is indescribable; mere words do nothing to capture the essence of it. This realisation stirred something inside me. I became extremely passionate and motivated to help other women capture and document their own birth stories. To be invited into a woman's birthing suite or home is a tremendous privilege. There is no job more wholeheartedly rewarding than documenting the very beginning of one's life. After all, it all starts here. 


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