While life isn't always picture perfect, it is always beautiful, and there is never a better time to document it than the present. I take immense pleasure in documenting these moments. And I don't use the word 'documenting' lightly. I want to help capture the day as it really is. I want to be a fly on the wall for the real moments because those are the ones you'll want to remember, in all their imperfect glory. I aim for my photographs to take you right back to that authentic moment. After all, you'll never regret the moments you capture, only the ones you don't. 

I am a mother, a primary school teacher, a shutterbug and a creative. I believe in lifelong learning and I am forever expanding my skill set and finding new dreams to chase. I unapologetically wear a number of hats and I believe it makes me better at what I do, and what I bring to the table as a photographer. 



What They’re Saying

"We could not have been happier with the incredible job Katy did as photographer for our intimate wedding at Bannisters. She captured the love and excitement between us and our families in such a perfect way. Looking back at our photos takes us back to that day in a heartbeat; we just love them!"


"Katy is increcibly talented at what she does. She was so accommodating and patient. I could never have imagined that in addition to a brilliant birth photographer I would get a calm and compassionate support person! As soon as I saw her beautiful images I was flooded with emotion, she captured so many special moments, some that I didn't even remember. Katy has so much love and passion for her craft, and I could not recommend her more highly."


"One of the best choices I made was having 'It Started Here' capture the birth of our first baby. Katy was absolutely amazing. Not only did she make me and my partner feel so comfortable her photos where every thing I wanted and more."




Southern Highlands

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